Towed new 2017
The Blind Date new 2017
Whisky Jack-in-the-Box new 2017
Gossip new 2017
That Same Old Dream new 2017

Home, Sweet Home new 2016

Lucky Duck new 2016
Plum Blossoms new 2016

Worms for Sale new 2016

Otter Potter new 2016
The Ark new 2016
The Perfect Pair new 2016
Hare Meets Pear new 2016
Sheep Shapes new 2016
Blossoms, Bird and Bowls new 2016
Lemon Line new 2016
The Serenade new 2016
True Blue
Sitting on the Fence
On the Ball new 2016
The Napping Turlte
The Photographer
In Bloom
I'm a Little Teapot
At the Washstand
Music Lessons
The Rivalry
Word Bird
The Decoy
New Arrival
Trimming the Tree new 2016
Winter Greeting
Bubble Birds
The Observer
Dudley Sails Away
Kitchen Things
The Real Sir Peeps
Bad Seeds
In Their Cups
Seeing Red
The Fortune Teller
Bird on a Branch
Still Life with Birds
The Pensive Penguin
Chickadee Checks In
Remember Me?
Ready to be Counted
Window Finch
Behold the Crocus
Buttercups II
Beavers Will be Beavers
Moonlight Invasion
Cheeks and the Sugar Pie
Songbirds Investigate
Welcoming Committee
Waiting for Spring
Apple Blossoms
Tea and Daisies
White Crocus
Daisy at the Door
Unexpected Duck
Fellow Yellow
Fish at My Window
Gathering at the Blue Bowl
Time Flies
Rub-a-Dub Duck
Secret Chicken
Crow Wants a Pickle
Crow Cools Off
Crow Finally Gets a Pickle
Crow Consults the Buddha
Crow Receives Instructions
Crow Approaches with
Crow Collects
Crow Arrives at Dusk
Daisies and Limes
Preserved Light
The Spherical Miracle II
We Three
Let Sleepy Frogs Lie
Frog Covets Cupcakes
Tea Frog
Frogs are Happy, Toads are Sad
Sweet and Sour
Silver Bells
Sugar and Tea
Little White Dress
Landing of the Spacepod
Emu at the Blue Door
Sock Monkeys